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The Substance Abuse is a new version of an older test entitled Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Our new and improved study guide is completely up to date to teach you the information that you need to pass this refreshed DANTES test. The Substance Abuse test covers the major concepts and theories about drug use and their effect on your body. We’ve shortened the amount of reading and study time necessary to be able to pass this test as quickly as possible.

This is a great test to take in conjunction with the Health and Human Development DANTES test as there is a lot of overlap between the two tests. If you need the credit, you may want to consider taking both tests together to save on study time. Always check with your counselor or academic advisor that make sure that you are getting the right type of credit for your test.

This DSST study guide will teach you all about the drug classifications, effects, name brands and side effects. YOU TOO can be successful in taking this DANTES test. We guarantee that you’ll pass!

ISBN: 978-1-61433-065-3
DSST Credits: 3

DSST Difficulty: 3

DSST Credit Type: Baccalaureate Upper Division

Number of Questions on the DANTES / DSST Test: 106

ACE Recommended Passing Score: 400


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