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CLEP or otherwise known as the College Level Examination Program is a program run by the College Board and is a fantastic way to finish college fast. If you want to look into the core of what CLEP is check here. With many college books costing a small fortune CLEP is a far more affordable option especially on a student salary. With a variety of lessons and materials you can learn anything from literature, maths, language, etc. Each CLEP is marked with a difficulty scale to help you plan out how to study as you go. 

It will be easy to fast forward toward your degree by taking CLEP tests which give you college credits toward classes you have not yet taken. All you have to do is pick a subject, study the guide until you are ready, and then take the test at a local approved location. Your score is immediate and so are all of those credits! Today we will be talking about the value behind the CLEP Spanish Study Guide.

Learning With CLEP Spanish

By using the CLEP Spanish guide you will be prepared to earn up to twelve credit hours if you score a 63 or higher on the Spanish language exam. With a recommended difficulty rating of four and having 120 questions on the test, study guides can be an invaluable tool for preparing you. College can cost an astronomical amount of money in the U.S., which makes looking for ways to save where you can essential as a student. Of all the world languages, Spanish is a very common one to test out of.

CLEP Spanish is a helpful tool to become fluent or if you are already fluent be an easily earned credit; Spanish is the second most used language in the country making knowing it invaluable. With a minimum of six credits on a score over 50, you’ll be able to show off your knowledge and understanding of the language through CLEP Spanish.

The CLEP Spanish Guide covers the first two to four semesters of learning you would receive. It goes through a variety of questions that range from listening to conversations or short paragraphs, filling in blanks, and multiple choice. It will prepare you for all 120 questions that will appear on the test so you can get the maximum amount of college credits with a high score.

Why Study? 

AHS Needle states that studying has been shown to increase test scores far better than from those who do not study, making it vital to study especially on CLEP tests because of their simplified method of gaining college credits. The CLEP Spanish exam gives you credits depending on your score so it is in your best interest to try to score as high as possible. Study guides are a great way to do this, saving you both time and money. 

A total of 98% of students who use the CLEP Spanish Study Guide pass the exam with study materials, with those great odds studying using a guide is definitely something to consider. If, for whatever reason, you do not pass there is a 100% money back guarantee in the first 60 days with proof of grade, so you can focus on a different method that may work better for you.

Great Additions

Once you purchase the low price affordable CLEP Spanish study guide you won’t need to worry about making any additional purchases on books or other knowledge based content. All you need to be successful with this guide is the guide itself, flash cards, and access to the internet! Some guides list internal links to alternative locations if you’d like areas of extra study, but they are completely optional. 

If you are not already sold on trying out the CLEP Spanish study guide they do offer free sample study questions to see if it is something that would work for you. The free practice showcases single line questions and questions based from conversations and short paragraphs; it is easy to check your answers as they are listed at the bottom. 

You will also have access to receive a free companion CLEP Spanish audio file at almost twenty- two minutes long! This easy to hear and clear audio file is a great help to absorb the language both through visuals and audio! With multiple ways of retaining information you are sure to remember everything when it comes to exam time. 

Everyone has a preference on digital or paper nowadays. These CLEP guides are optional both as an instant download or to be shipped so you can bust out the highlighters! Either way you’ll be able to learn in the way you prefer with these easy to order guides.

What Am I Getting?

The CLEP Spanish Study Guide comes with a lot! To help you with the Spanish listening section, we provide a downloadable audio file which will test your skills. With the additional audio file and extra study links, you’re going to have plenty to work with. They cover a broad spectrum of topics in the guide, a total of 16 sections in fact! Whether you are learning the basics such as colors, numbers, and months or if you are working on verb conjugation and a hundred common verbs you’ll be ready for anything. The audio file will help improve your listening comprehension and will help you learn by providing reading passages to improve and test your reading comprehension as well.

Along with Spanish knowledge the guide will also go over important topics such as sample CLEP Spanish questions, answers for all study questions, specific test information, test-taking strategy, and explanation on scores. Each CLEP language study guide (including German and French) include a practice test. This is sure to prepare you for both the 120 sample test questions and CLEP exam procedures. And don’t forget the flashcards!

Test prep has never been easier! You’ll get adding six to twelve college CLEP credits to your transcript in no time.


There are thousands of students that have taken advantage of the CLEP Spanish study guide and received those invaluable credits. With testimonials for every subject there are plenty of other students out there that had great things to say. One such testimonial is from Juan S., “The literature you provided allowed me to pass 4 out of the 5 CLEP/DANTES test that I took. I preach your product to all my troops!” 

With so many other students taking advantage of this undervalued program there is no reason that you too can not take advantage of the fantastic benefits (look into military benefits here). Be sure to jump start your future today! When your test day comes around you’ll know that you are ready to pass the Spanish CLEP.

Who can take the CLEP Spanish language exam?

Anyone can take this test. From teenagers in high school to freshman in college or even adults returning to school. If Spanish is your native language (you are a regular Spanish speaker) that’s even better! It’s an easy way to get college credit. Typically, most students that take a CLEP test are in the United States or Canada. However, that’s not a requirement. There are testing centers all over the world, especially on many military bases.

Don’t forget! We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!

Click here to see our available CLEP study guides. Test takers will pass their test the first time or receive their money back. With sample questions we’ll be sure to have help you get a passing score the first time.

We all know there are lots of good resources out there that will help you pass your CLEP test. But, we want to give you the list of the best ones, the free ones and the just plain wacky ones.

#1 The first resource you need to check out and get is the FREE PassYourClass Study Tips Guide. This will let you brush up on study skills and get a good study plan made. Without a plan, a goal is just a wish, right? You can download the CLEP resource for free here.

#2 After you’ve selected your subject, take a look at the free practice tests that offer for each subject. It’s enough to get you started or give you an idea of the types of questions and difficulty for a particular test. Once you read the questions, you may decide that this is not the test for you – and that’s okay! Pick one that you need for credit, but also one that’s interesting to you, especially if this is your first test.

#3 Pick the study guide for the subject you are going to test on. This will help you focus your study so you will be studying only the types of questions and material that is on the test so that you don’t waste your time on things that you won’t be tested on.

#4 Enhance your study in your free time. There are a lot of different free online classes available through iTunes University. For example, if you are taking the United States History II test, you might want to listen to these lectures while driving in the car, or working out. It’s one more way to become familiar with the terminology and era of the test you are studying for. It’s a great resource. And better yet. It’s free. And what could be better than that?

#5 Make flashcards or use ours. Each study guide includes flashcards that you can either print out from the PDF or remove from the back of the book. In addition, you can always make your own. Pick out some key terms from your reading, concepts that you are having trouble with, or test questions that you got wrong. Then you can use them to study in a few free minutes that you have in between meetings, classes or even during commercials. Take the time that you would use to check social media (just a few minutes here or there) to add some extra study time.

It’s too hard.

Sometimes people give up before they even try something – because they are scared to fail. But the only sure way to fail, is not to try. Besides, we offer a pass or don’t pay guarantee that ensures that you have nothing to lose, but seat time!

It will take me too long.

If you pick a subject that you are interested in, or have previous experience in, then studying for a CLEP test won’t take you long at all. Let’s say you are interested in history. You probably already know quite a bit of facts and let’s be honest, when you work on something that you are interested in, it doesn’t really seem like work, does it?

It’s too expensive.

A CLEP test costs about $80 plus a testing center fee (depending on your location). That is a lot of money. However, when you look at how much it costs for tuition, text books, parking on campus, gas driving to campus, the time you  spend in the classroom, it’s really not as much as you’d think. I would much rather spend $80 then sit in a classroom for three to four hours a week for a few months.

I’m not a good student.

You can be anything you put your mind to. If you start with one subject and study it start to finish, you will be able to pass your CLEP test and test out. You don’t have to be the best writer or the best test taker. On average, to pass a CLEP test, you only need to get about 50% correct to pass. That’s a plus in my book!

My school doesn’t accept it.

You might think that you school doesn’t accept it, just because you have never heard of it. Like all underappreciated programs, CLEP is just not very well promoted. You probably heard about it from a friend of a friend. There are easy ways to tell if your school accepts CLEP. First check online at XXXXX. Even if they are not listed, the may accept allow a A.S. degree to transfer to a B.S. program.  Which means you can get your two year degree at a school that DOES allow CLEP, so you will complete it much quicker and cheaper and then transfer to a school that may not accept CLEP, but will accept your degree.Tricky eh??

Taking a class is easier.

There are some people who are just a little lazy and not self-motivated. You don’t have to be that person! If you can motivate yourself to get to class on time and get your homework turned in, you can definitely motivate yourself to start and complete a study schedule. And we even have one you can use for free.

Don’t forget! We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

They are losing tuition money.

Plain and simple. Colleges and universities that accept CLEP are losing money on tuition by accepting the credit. And they feel that they need a new bronze sculpture, athletic team or building that you should have to contribute to. And since they feel so strongly, they are not going to go out of their way to tell you about CLEP – because it costs them money.

You are not being taught “their way”.

More than a few educators like playing “God” in the classroom, and when you test out, you are removing yourself from that situation. They may feel that each student taking a Humanities class should leave having read three Shakespeare plays and watched five. Well, we will let you know where to focus your study efforts so that you can test out in the least amount of time possible.

You are not buying books at the bookstore.

Back to the money. When you don’t pay for a class at the school, you aren’t buying a book from the school. And did you ever notice how many college professors write the books that they require for the class?

You are not following the standard plan.

A well run business is like a machine, and a college campus is typically a good machine for turning out smart and successful students. When you mess with their plans and work outside the system, it puts kinks into their carefully thought out matriculation process.

They’ve never heard of it.

As always, people fear things that they do not understand. So an academic advisor not familiar with CLEP may just brush you off, put you in another direction, or not even bring it up at all…because they’ve never heard of it.

You can do it! And we can help! We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

If you are planning on taking the DSST in the foreseeable future, you may be worrying about studying to pass the exam the first time around. Though it is a difficult exam, you already have the skills needed to study and pass the exam. Surprisingly, here are ten things you learned in kindergarten that will help you on the DSST.

Your letters:Pretty obvious, but if we are talking about what you learned in kindergarten that will help you on the DSST, then reading, and reading well, is as important as you knowing the subject material.

How to count:If you’re taking the mathematics or business exams, you are going to need to make sure that you know not just how to count but simple mathematics that can be done in your head.

Hard work:

  1. Instilled in the minds of many kindergartners and elementary schools is the all-American value of work ethic. Studying for the DSST is hard work: push through and pass!

Patience:Another learned virtue, be patient about learning the material. Don’t rush it the first time and learn the material all the way through.

Tenacity:In short, don’t give up. All of us at one point or another has failed an exam, and you may just end up not passing. Don’t give up!

Learn from your mistakes:When studying and taking practice exams, learn from the mistakes you made and don’t make them again. If you take the exam and don’t pass, again learn from your mistakes for the next round.

Focus:When you study, put away all distractions, sit in a quiet room, and do your absolute best to focus on the material.

Stay positive:Even if you fail an exam, remember that these are like college courses in general. You are supposed to learn and mentally grow into something better than you are right now.

Keep growing:Kindergarten is a period of intense growth for children, much like the freshman year of college is for young adults. Remember that part of this growth are the classes, and learning the material for the DSST should be added to your growth.

Close reading:Pretty similar to number 1, but in this case, make sure that you know how to read closely. Reading closely also applies to reading in-between the lines, knowing things that are assumed or unstated as well.

Don’t forget! We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

To give you a little taste of some of the content that is covered on a CLEP test, we’ve added totally free testing material here on our site. When you’ve decided that a certain test is for you – head over to that study guide page where you can download the PDF to start studying right now, download it to your iPad, Kindle, iPhone, Android, or computer. Or we can mail you the hard copy you can highlight to your heart’s content. Just don’t forget that you’ll pass with our study guide – don’t make us say we told you so!

American Government CLEP Practice Test

American Literature CLEP Practice Test

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP Practice Test

Biology CLEP Practice Test

Calculus CLEP Practice Test

Chemistry CLEP Practice Test

College Algebra CLEP Practice Test

College Composition CLEP Practice Test

College Composition Modular CLEP Practice Test

College Mathematics CLEP Practice Test

English Literature CLEP Practice Test

Financial Accounting CLEP Practice Test

French CLEP Practice Test

German CLEP Practice Test

Human Growth and Development CLEP Practice Test

Humanities CLEP Practice Test

Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP Practice Test

Introduction to Educational Psychology CLEP Practice Test

Introductory Business Law CLEP Practice Test

Introductory Psychology CLEP Practice Test

Introductory Sociology CLEP Practice Test

Natural Sciences CLEP Practice Test

Precalculus CLEP Practice Test

Principles of Macroeconomics CLEP Practice Test

Principles of Management CLEP Practice Test

Principles of Marketing CLEP Practice Test

Principles of Microeconomics CLEP Practice Test

Social Sciences and History CLEP Practice Test

Spanish CLEP Practice Test

United States History I CLEP Practice Test

United States History II CLEP Practice Test

Western Civilization I CLEP Practice Test

Western Civilization II CLEP Practice Test

We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test on the first try!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

How do you CLEP Out?

How do you actually do it? Do you have to be enrolled somewhere to be able to get the credit? What is the first step? The best explanation can be found on our site at our CLEP new student center.

Basically, you get college credit when you take and pass a CLEP test. It really is that easy. You can take the test at a variety of colleges and universities. The credit will transfer to about three thousand schools. If you have specific questions, feel free to email us on our contact page.

Browse or choose the topics that you can test out of on the left orclick here to see our available CLEP study guides.

How is it calculated?

Your CLEP score is calculated by a very simple process. You will receive one point for each question which you answer correctly. You do not lose any points for questions that you do not answer or get incorrectly. CLEP calls this your raw score.

The CLEP system then takes your raw score and does some adjusting based on the difficulty of the test and the questions on it. They don’t give out this formula, but when they are done, your score will be between 20 and 80. Most schools use 50 as a passing score. Typically, you need to get at least 50% of the questions correct in order to pass.

Now is a good time to let you know that we guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

How many questions are there?

For the Introduction to World Religions DANTES exam there are 108 questions. Wow. Did you know that we list how many questions are on each test? All you have to do is look at the product page for that CLEP or DANTES test.

For more information on CLEP and DANTES tests, see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Did we mention thatwe guarantee you will pass your test or your money back?

What should I study to pass the Natural Sciences CLEP?

You’re in luck. We have the best condensed study material available for the Natural Sciences CLEP test. It actually teaches you the information that you need to know to pass your test. It includes sample test questions. It includes flashcards.

But best of all, it includes a guarantee. If you don’t pass your CLEP test, you get your money back.

We’ve also posted some FREE Natural Sciences CLEP Sample Test Questions to help get you started.

To find out more information about CLEP, visit our New Student Center.

What should I study to pass the Natural Sciences CLEP?

You’re in luck. We have the best condensed study material available for the Natural Sciences CLEP test. It actually teaches you the information that you need to know to pass your test. It includes sample test questions. It includes flashcards.

But best of all, it includes a guarantee. If you don’t pass your CLEP test, you get your money back.

We’ve also posted some FREE Natural Sciences CLEP Sample Test Questions to help get you started.

To find out more information about CLEP, visit our New Student Center.

How do you CLEP?

So I hear people talking about CLEP, I know a little bit about it, but how does it really work? The best answer is the long one which you can find at our CLEP new student center.

The short answer is that CLEP is a way to get extra college credit, fast and cheap. You choose your topic, verify that you are able to get the credit for it with your school, get your study guide, study, take the test. That’s it! When you’re done you’ll have 3-6 college credits for A LOT less money than any institution. Now that you know the short version, feel free to get more guidance on our site at the link we’ve posted above. If you have specific questions, feel free to email us on our contact page.

Don’t forget that we guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

If you previously took Freshman Composition before the test changed it’s name, yes you can take a different CLEP test. If you took English Composition, you can take a different CLEP test.

These tests have now been replaced by College Composition and College Composition Modular, both of which can be taken with or without the essay (depending on your school). If you take College Composition and didn’t pass, you can still take the other test. The limits on retaking failed tests are these:

First, you can only retake a failed test after a six month waiting period. This is supposed to discourage people from just walking into a test without studying.

The second rule really only applies to your school. For example, you can take any amount of CLEP tests that you wish. However, if you take the Biology CLEP test which counts for six credits and then take the Chemistry test, your school will probably not allow credit for each one. There is a way around this. You will want to take the individual tests, not the “survey” or comprehensive tests.

Here is another example, if you take the Social Sciences and History test you will receive only six credits. If you take the Psychology, Sociology, Educational Psychology, U.S. History 1, etc., you will receive three credit hours for each test passed. So if you need a lot of credits, you may also need to make a strategy.

You can get started right now by choosing your study area on the left.

Don’t forget that we guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

How many credit hours are awarded for passing DSST exams?

You will typically receive three credit hours for each DSST test that you take and pass. It depends on your school and you should always check in advance to make sure that the credit applies to your academic needs/transcript.

This is a great way to be able to test out and finish your classes faster!

Get started! Test out now!

Need more information? Visit out New Student Center.

How much time do you have to take a DSST test?

You have 90 minutes to take a DSST test. In fact, most students take the test with plenty of time to spare. If you have special help that you need or a disability, you may be allowed more time. Please speak with your testing administrator before your test to be accommodated.

Choose your topic on the left and get started studying now!

Where can I find help online for taking the English Literature CLEP test?

You’ve come to the right place!

The English Literature CLEP test can be a bit overwhelming if you are attempting to take it with no study. This test will ask you about specific works of literature that you will need to be familiar with. You’ll need to know Shakespeare including Hamlet and Macbeth but also important women’s writers of the time. Our study guide is condensed to help you prepare as quickly and easily as possible. You can download your PDF and get started studying RIGHT NOW – or you can order the study guide to be shipped to you.

Don’t forget that we guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

What is a College Level Examination?

A College Level Examination is just what it sounds like – a test given at the college level. However, the College Level Examination Program, or CLEP for short, is a world-wide accredited program that allows you to get college credit by taking a test.

That sounds pretty good right? You get college credit without hours in a classroom – no homework – no projects – no expensive books.

But it sounds like a scam. Be assured that it is not.CLEPtests are nationally recognized and are brought to you by the same organization that created theSAT.

By taking a College Level Examination, you are proving that you know the content of a college class, so you are showing your school that you don’t need to take the class. It’s as simple as that.

But how do you know what to study? We provide study guides for ever CLEP test andwe guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!If you don’t pass simply send us your receipt and your score and we refund your money.

To view the available CLEP study guides, click on the topics listed on the left of the page.

To find out more information about CLEP, visit our New Student Center.

Does It Matter What I Score on a CLEP Test?

What do you have to score to pass a CLEP test? Well, CLEP scores are important, but there are two kinds of ways that schools look at CLEP scores.

*CLEP Scores #1

This school doesn’t care what you score, as long as you score abovetheirstandard threshold for a pass. WHAT? It means that if you school requires CLEP scores of 50 or higher on the College Mathematics CLEP then you will receive the same credit if you score a 50, 51, 65 or 72. It will appear on your transcript as a “pass” – it won’t affect your GPA. Most schools use this policy, because it is just easier to administer and it’s the way “everybody else is doing it.” In addition, most schools will accept a 50 as a passing score, but you should ALWAYS check with your academic advisor or counselor to find out the school’s policy about CLEP scores.


*CLEP Scores #2

This type of school awards a letter grade A, B, C – based on the score that you receive. These are a much more rare way to determine CLEP scores.

For example, if you score a 50-61 you will receive a C, if you score a 62-70 you will receive a B, if you score 71+ you will receive an A. For this school in particular, it is more important than ever to find out what the school will accept for a passing score and what the cut score is. The most popular school that uses this system is Excelsior college. The above scores are just an example. The rankings are different for each school and for each test.

Regardless of how your school awards their CLEP scores, a pass is a pass. Even if you get 50 or a C, you still skipped three plus months of class time, homework, commuting, reading, homework and parking. Now, wasn’t that worth it?

Don’t forget that we guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

If you are a member of the armed forces and are taking part in the DSST program that allows you to gain credit while serving, you may have questions that need answering. Here are seven common questions and their answers to help you through the system.

What should I expect when taking the DSST exam?

The DSST exams contain 100 multiple choice questions on the subject area in question. They are much like the final exams in any high school course or any college courses you may have taken.

Can I take the DSST exam at home?

The short answer to this question is no. DSST exams are administered and proctored by authorized testing centers, and can be done by paper or computer depending on the testing center.

Where are these testing centers?

Each county in the United States has numerous centers that administer the test. Tests may also be available on international bases in case you would like to take it and are not in the United States.

What schools accept DSST exams for credit? 

Most major universities in the United States accept the results of DSST exams for credit. The DSST website provides a list of the universities that accept credit. In order to see how to get the university to accept the credits, you should consult the university’s website.

What subjects can I take exams in to get credit toward my degree? 

DSST subjects are divided into six broad categories, each of which have at least two exams you can take. The categories are business (10 exams), humanities (3 exams), math (2 exams), physical science (5 exams), social sciences (14 exams), and technology (3 exams).

Where can I find information on individual exams?

Numerous websites have information on the subject material of each test, but for the best overview of the subject material on tests—along with other information—go to

How many credits will I receive for each exam I pass?

Each exam will award you with 3 credits. Some universities will award you an extra credit, at 4 credits, depending on what the program needs.

As you can see, the DSST is an excellent option for members of the armed services to get college credits. If you don’t pass the exam the first time, you can retake the test after 90 days—providing you enough time to see how you did, what you got wrong, and fix the mistakes!

Don’t forget! We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

What is College CLEP?

What isCollege CLEP?It’s another way to earn college credit quickly – with the CLEP program. A CLEP test is a way to show that you know and understand the material of a 101 level college class. CLEP is an accredited program brought to you by the same people that created the SAT.

Taking advantage of College CLEP at your school is easier than you think.

The steps are simple:

  • Select an area you are interested in.
  • Check your College CLEP policy.
  • Purchase your CLEP study guide.
  • Study!
  • Take your CLEP test on campus!
  • Pass and start stacking up College credits!

It sounds too easy – but don’t forget thatwe offer a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee!

Using College CLEP credit has never been easier or faster.

To view the available CLEP study guides, click on the topics listed on the left of the page.

To find out more information about CLEP, visit our New Student Center.

Which Literature CLEP is easiest?

There are three different literature CLEP tests.

They are:

Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP

American Literature CLEP

English Literature CLEP

These literature CLEP tests offer a way for you to skip our of your literature class and move on to something else, a higher division class or complete all your literature requirements.

What you need to know about most literature CLEP tests is that they require you to be able to read. Now, that sounds pretty simple. However, you must also be able torememberwhat you read. In addition, you’ll need to be able to analyze what you read. Now before you are scared off of literature clep tests forever, listen closely.

The Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP test is the easiest CLEP test that you can take.It requires some studying up front so that you are comfortable with some terminology and vocabulary, but you don’t have to read tons of books, poems, plays and stories in advance.

With both the English and the American Literature CLEP tests, you need to have completed an extensive reading list. We provide you with that important reading list and some summaries of the more important items for the literature CLEPs. If you are wondering which literature CLEP is for you, now you know.

If you are required to take a certain literature CLEP, check with your counselor to see if the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature CLEP test will work for you in your situation.

When you are ready to study,we offer a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee!Make this week a week that you clep out of your literature clep!

Which Science CLEP is easiest?

There are three different science CLEP tests.

The science CLEPs are:



Natural Sciences

These science CLEP tests can be tricky – there’s a lot to memorize and know. But which science CLEP is the easiest? In our opinion, Biology is the easiest science CLEP there is. This science CLEP can be worth 3 to 6 credits hours (depending on your school’s policies) and has the lowest level of information. What does that mean? It means that you probably know some biology already. Most people took biology in school, even if it was five, ten or twenty years ago. You still know SOMETHING about it.

Out of the science CLEP tests, we consider Natural Sciences to be the hardest, only to be taken if you can’t take the Biology CLEP. You can read more about the tests on their product pages, but Natural Sciences includes a little bit of everything, making it hard to concentrate your science CLEP study. However, if you do choose to brave this science CLEP, we’ve got you covered.

In fact,we offer a Pass or Don’t Pay guarantee!Make your decision to start studying and test out now!

Homeschool students can take advantage of CLEP– anyone, any age can take a CLEP test.

What is CLEP and how does it work? A CLEP is a subject exam that anyone can take. If you pass the test, you will receive college credit on a CLEP transcript. That college transcript is good at over 2900 colleges and universities.

Benefits for homeschooled students taking CLEP test:
*built in curriculum– you are guided with an outline of what to study, recommended books, or you can use a CLEP study guide.
*builds confidence– when you take a CLEP test and you pass, you feel incredible. Not only did you just add three to six college credits to your transcript, you’ve proved to yourself and the world that you know the material. It is a great accomplishment.
*saves money on tuition– the $80 spent to take a CLEP test is very little compared to the cost you would spend on books and tuition for the comparable class.
*saves time– you could enter college as a sophomore by shaving off semesters off your time in school.

For all the students who haven’t felt challenged at school or who want to prove that they are learning at a college level, CLEP testing is for you.

CLEP tests are administered by the College Board, the same people that offer the SAT test. They are accredited and are accepted at more than 2900 colleges and universities.

Preparing for an AP test?Take the CLEP test in the same or similar subject as a primer, or simply as a way to gain more elective credit. You don’t have to wait for a once a year test date like with the SAT. You can take the CLEP test by simply making an appointment at an open testing center – most available Monday through Friday every week.

And that’s not all…if there isn’t a CLEP test you are interested in taking, you can take a DSST test. There are more dozens more subjects that DSST offers, with the same benefits of CLEP – you pass the test and you get college credit.

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What is the best and easiest way to pass the Spanish CLEP?

Foreign language CLEP tests, like Spanish, are obviously easiest to do if you are a native speaker. In fact, if you are a native speaker, no study is going to be necessary. The CLEP tests involve reading and listening to conversations and passages. You then answer questions about the conversation or passage that you just read.

You take the test with a proctor, but there is no speaking done on your part to complete the test.

If you have some background in Spanish, the best way to prepare for the test is to immerse yourself in the language as much as possible. Besides the obvious studying of vocabular and verbs, take some time to listen to Spanish books on tape and movies in Spanish. Another great way to prepare is to watch Spanish “soap operas” as this gives you a lot of dialog, usually spoken at a slower pace and is fairly easy to follow the story line.

Of course, you’ll need a great study guide and we’ve got that covered. And the study guide includes flashcards so that’s a plus as well.

The better you do on your test, the more credit you’ll receive so make sure to take the time to be completely prepared!

And remember, we guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Find out more about the Spanish CLEP test including FREE sample test questions.

The College Level Examination Program, or CLEP, is a great option for students who want to get credits for college either at their own pace or in a more affordable manner. Many students have taken advantage of the program, opting to study for and take the cheaper exam at their own pace in order to save money. In an educational atmosphere where prices continue to rise exponentially, it is no wonder that many are taking advantage of it.

However, many people either don’t know about this option or have numerous questions about its reliability and or cost efficiency. As it turns out, the CLEP is both accepted widely and extremely affordable. Indeed, saving money by taking the CLEP is not as hard as you think.

To begin with, the purchase cost to take a CLEP is only $77, as compared to the thousands you would shell out to take the course. $15 to $20 is also added for administrative costs at community colleges. All-in-all, with the amount of credits you will receive upon passing the exam, you are only paying around $30 per credit hour. $30 per hour versus $200 and above per credit hour—somewhere in the ballpark of $8000 to $10,000 and above at a four-year college: as you can see, you are saving a lot.

Next, we have to remember that you will have to study for these exams in order to make sure that you pass it. There are numerous different subject exams administered in the CLEP, and each you will have to spend the $77 plus $15-20 per exam. Then you will want to buy a study guide for the particular test and make sure you are buying a quality one in order to ensure that you learn the material and pass the test. While there are numerous free guides, you will want to buy the study guides—which are also quite affordable—to do well on the exam!

All-in-all, in order to take either a general exam—in college composition, humanities, mathematics, natural science, social science, and/or history—or a subject exam in numerous different subjects, you will be spending between $100 and $200. Again, some people have sticker shock at even this price, but compare this to the thousands you will be coughing up to take the class at a university.

If you would like a cheaper alternative that allows you to move at your own pace, consider the CLEP! It is more affordable than you think!

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CLEP exams are basically miracles for students returning to school and wanting to gain their degree more quickly. Here are myths about the exam busted!

The experience and knowledge I gained by working allows me to skip studying.

Even though many of the questions on the CLEP test you on knowledge that can be learned through work experience, there may be areas on the exam that you don’t know. Make sure you study to know those areas.

The only study material I need is the course’s textbook.

This is a myth that needs to be dispelled for all college students: textbooks are great starts, but the lecturer will often inject their courses with knowledge that will be on exams that are not in the textbook. Therefore, the best option is to get the recommended study material.

I will be able to study for and pass the exam with a week of studying.

No. Remember that the exam covers material from a typical 12-week course. If you are Rain Man and can memorize large amounts of information in a glance, then sure, go for it. But you will most likely need longer.

Since I am only taking the exam, I will not have to work as hard.

Even though you are not required to complete assignments or papers, you will still need to work hard to make sure you learn the material.

I can run through the topics tested in order and pass the exam.

The exam will test you on the topics in the study guides, but will not move in the same order as the test. Don’t go through the topics once and be done with it.

All the study guides I need are online.

Partially true, but many of these study guides will need to be purchased as well, so keep that in mind.

CLEP is just as expensive as college courses.

Completely untrue. The CLEP exam is usually $80, with the study guides costing much less.

My university won’t accept the results.

While this may be true, many universities do accept the results. Simply check which universities accept the results.

It is quicker to just take the college course.

It may be quicker to take the college course, but taking the CLEP is also at your own pace, so it can be quicker.

The only subjects available are subjects outside my interest area.

CLEP exams are given in numerous different subjects, including business, science, and the humanities. Check which are available and choose the best option for you!

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We are sure that you have seen the commercials: in today’s world, there are dozens of online and distance learning educational centers for individuals wishing to get a degree. Many of these institutions specialize in specific degree types—such as those that offer degrees in the medical tech industries—while others are tied to educational institutions that have physical campuses located in specific geographic locations—such as Arizona State’s online education.

Many of these students are also opting to take part in the College Level Examination Program, or CLEP, which is a group of standardized tests that are written and hosted by the College Board. These standardized tests test the student on how much they know in a college-level subject, providing the student credit for classes that they will not have to take. This essentially speeds up the educational program, allowing the student to get through it and get the degree more quickly.

CLEP exams and study groups are often priced extremely well compared to the price for the classes themselves, which helps to explain why many people choose to take them in order to get the credit.

Yet, even with this system in place, many people do not take advantage of this system. Why?

The answer is not because people do not care about saving money, but because many do not know they can save money taking part in the system. In the dozens of advertising campaigns for online and distance learning, only one discusses the possibility of taking classes only in what you need—but that is for an MBA program.

When people don’t know that they can save money by taking other alternatives from paying thousands of dollars for classes they don’t need, they won’t take advantage of it. CLEP options run you for less than $100 and for those who are looking to get an education without the major investments this price is particularly helpful.

It seems then that people don’t care about saving money with CLEP only because they don’t know much about it. More public knowledge should be propagated in order to get people who can take advantage of the system to do so. Only through continued marketing will potential students take advantage of this program, getting the education they need in a timelier and affordable program.

For those who are wanting to get a degree, checking out the CLEP options are a great plan to make sure you are doing the best thing for you!

Don’t forget! We guarantee that you will pass your CLEP test!Click here to see our available CLEP study guides.

Everything You Didn’t Know but Should About DSST Exams

In the fast-paced world of college and work, classes can sometimes be challenging to complete. With time constraints that make it hard to find time to study and even harder to make it to class, you are left looking for a solution. Where can you turn to get the degree, you need to advance with the limited time you have at your disposal. You have no doubt heard of the DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST). Now you are wondering if this is your answer. Here is everything you didn’t know but should about DSST tests.

What are DSST Exams?

The DSST exams are a set of tests that can be taken to allow a student to gain college credits without having to take the courses. These are similar to CLEP exams. Sounds awesome, right? There are some stipulations you must adhere to reap these benefits. You cannot just take a bunch of tests and skip college. The DSST exams are designed to allow students who know these courses to study and pass the exam and continue with fewer classes. Most of the DSST exams cover the core classes required by a majority of colleges, at a college level. With these classes out of the way, you will be able to jump forward, making your college dream more attainable and easier to achieve. Not to say that these exams are easy, but with the right preparation, they are passable. Created by Prometric, the DSST test is a great way to earn college credit.

How Will the DSST Exams Help Me?

When you take the DSST exams, you are essentially studying and passing a course in the short amount of time it takes for you to prepare for the exam. So, who can take DSST exams? Who can be a test taker? While these were initially designed for military personnel who were deployed and unable to attend traditional classes, these exams are now available for everyone. You will want to check with your chosen college to ensure that the courses you want to test out of, are accepted. Doing so will eliminate the struggle to pass and then finding the results of no use to you. A quick call with your school counselor will answer this question.

What Courses are Covered in DSST Exams?

There are a plethora of courses available through DSST exams. Many popular tests and subject areas include:

There are courses in many common undergraduate courses from business to social science and technology. With the proper DSST exams study guides, you will be able to pass the easiest DSST exams just as well as the hardest. Your only limitation for success will be the effort you apply.

How Can I Get the Study Guides I Need?

Obtaining the proper study guide is a crucial part of your success with the DSST exams. You will want to speak with your school counselor to see which exams will qualify for what course credits. Doing this beforehand allows you to ensure that your study guide will be relevant for the courses you need. After choosing the course, you want to study getting your study guide is easy. You will have the choice of downloading a pc copy or having the study guide shipped to you. If you choose, you can also do both. In this way, you will be able to study for your DSST exams from the comfort of your home or while you are on the bus to school or work, whenever you have time.

Are There DSST Practice Exams and What Do They Cost?

After you have done your studying, you are going to want to test what you have learned. You can find practice dsst exams to test your knowledge. Combining your study guide learning with DSST practice exams, you will be ready for your DSST exams. DSST practice exams will give you an idea of what to expect and what you need to study more. Giving you a sense of any weakness, you need to strengthen and what you have already mastered. The cost will vary depending on the subject, but each is still reasonably priced to make it affordable to advance your studies and achieve success.  When you are sure you are ready you can contact your local testing center and schedule your exams.


How are DSST Exams Scored and What Do I Need to Pass DSST Exams?

While there are some variances from school to school and a few from course to course, the standard scoring systems range from 1-500, each exam will consist of 80 to 100 multiple choice questions with four answer choices each. With these choices, it is recommended that you leave no question unanswered. There are a few exceptions with certain courses having multiple choice questions and an essay requirement as well. You will need to check each course as well as your school’s policy to find the specifics of the exam process. Most of the exams will require that you have a final score of 400 or higher to pass. Your score will be tallied as you go and you should have your DSST exam results before you leave the testing facility.

How Much Do DSST Exams Cost and Where to Take DSST Exams?

The standard exam fee for the DSST exam is $85, payable by credit card and can be taken at any certified testing center. You can contact your school as well to find recommended test center locations in your area. DSST exam registration is easy and can be done through your school, in person or online. When you call to schedule your DSST exams, you will also want to inquire about any administration fees charged by the DSST exam centers. Administration fees are not included in the price of the DSST exam cost.

What Happens if I Don’t Pass My DSST Exam?

In the event you do not pass one of your DSST exams, you will have to wait and be able to retest after six months. During this time you will want to do more prep for the specific exam so that you will be able to pass when you retake it. One way to avoid this issue is with rigorous DSST exam prep. Using your study guides and other study techniques like flash cards and practice exams to help ensure your success when exam day arrives.

What Should I do to Use My DSST Exams for School?

Using your DSST exam results for credit in your school will be up to the school itself. Many schools offer credit for prior learning or CLEP and DSST tests. You will want to talk to your admissions counselor about their specific policy and procedures for adding your DSST exam results into your college transcript. You can get the necessary information before your DSST exam and the final details after you receive your results. During this conversation make sure you ask how many credits you can use towards your degree with DSST exams. Also, ask which courses are allowed and what class requirements they will supplement. ACE or American Council on Education helps colleges determine which scores are passing, although each institution creates their own final rules on awarding DSST credit.

Getting Results with a Guarantee!

With college tuition becoming increasingly higher, an extra expense may not seem feasible. The best part of choosing these DSST exam guides is that they come with a money back guarantee. Should you, by chance, not pass your DSST exams, you can get your money back. What could be better, and all you have to do is study, practice and make the grade — no risk or hassle. With a guarantee like this, your time is the only thing you will have to stress about while you prepare. You are free to put all your time into studying for the best grade possible.

When life gets hectic and four years seems like more than you can give to your college degree, you have options. If your school accepts the DSST exam, you can fast track your college years and set yourself on a course for completion in up to half the time. With proper exam prep using study guides that are guaranteed to work, you will be set to go.

Everything You Wanted to Know About CLEP Exams and More

College education is a must in today’s society. With schedule conflicts and time constraints, it can often be hard to achieve both. There is help though, and it may come in the form of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams. This is a great way to earn college credit. Following is everything you wanted to know about CLEP exams and so much more, to help you choose if this is the right path for you.

What are the CLEP Exams?

Now you are wondering what the CLEP exams are and why you haven’t heard of them before. The CLEP exam is a College Board (think SAT) run set of credit-by-exam programs that allow students to take a select number of exams and achieve college credits by receiving a passing score. These exams will enable you to study and earn most of your core classes without ever stepping foot in the classroom. CLEP exams allow you to complete your degree in a shorter amount of time than the traditional four years for undergraduate degrees.

How Can CLEP Exams Help Me Achieve My Goals?

By allowing you to complete your college education in a significantly shorter amount of time, you will be able to obtain your degree and still handle the chaos that is life. Getting you out of the classroom and into your career even faster. This is after all the goal in receiving that college education, right? CLEP exams could turn your dreams of college into a reality in less time than you think. And don’t forget how much shaving a semester or two off your college tuition could save you!

Do all Colleges Accept CLEP Credit?

Many people think that because the CLEP exams are College Board certified that they are accepted at every school. While almost 3000 schools accept CLEP exam scores towards your necessary credits, not all do. You will need to speak with the school counselor or advisor to make sure these CLEP exams will be accepted. By asking first, you will not be taking exams that do not help you advance your educational goals. Typically, if your school is a state school or a community college, they will accept at least some credit. Always check in advance so you don’t waste time studying for something that may not ultimately work for your school or degree.

How Much Do CLEP Exams Cost?

The exam fee for each CLEP test costs $85. When you call to register for your CLEP exam, you will want to ask about any administration fees charged by the testing facility. Administration fees are not included in the initial $85.00 CLEP exam cost. Each facility will have its own fees and schedule that you will need to consider. A quick call to the testing center or visiting their online site will answer all of these questions for you. These can range from free to $25 per location. The price of the CLEP exam could save you not only time in college completion but also money in tuition fees for classes you may be able to skip, meaning your CLEP exam will be invaluable for your achievement.

Are CLEP Exams Hard?

Many of the CLEP exams are not difficult; however, with the right amount of studying they should be no problem. If you use your CLEP study guides and with the use of extra fun activities like flashcards you will be ready to pass your CLEP exams. We guarantee that you’ll pass your CLEP test. Your only limitations on success will be yourself.

How do I Prepare for My CLEP Exams?

Preparing for the CLEP exams is easy to accomplish with a structured plan that includes study guides, practice materials, practice exams, studying and more studying. When you think you are ready, you should try having someone ask you questions and review some more. When you have done all of the above, you can try a practice exam – we have a few listed on the site for free (check your subject page) and every study guide includes even more practice test questions.

What Courses do CLEP Exams Cover?

There are 33 CLEP examinations to choose from, ranging from the American Government to World History. With CLEP exams available in algebra, economics, and even foreign languages, you are sure to find one that suits your needs. You will want to contact your college advisor/counselor for a CLEP exam list and to find out what exams they accept for which college requirements. In taking these steps, you will ensure that you are taking CLEP exams that advance your college career and get you closer to your degree.

CLEP subject areas include: 

Where Can I Find CLEP Exam Practice Tests?

As with any other form of study, the best way to test your understanding of a subject is to practice. After you have studied your CLEP exam study guides, you will want to practice what you have learned. With CLEP practice exams available for each course of study you will have all of the tools you need to make the grade. Taking the practice exam several times will allow you to access your understanding of the material and overall readiness for taking the CLEP exam. If you have not mastered a particular part of the content, you will be able to go back over the information and try the practice test again.

Where Can I Take My CLEP Exams and How Do I Schedule My Exams?

Once you have studied and feel confident as to your results, it is time to schedule your CLEP exam. Test takers can find a certified test center in your local area or through your school. CLEP exam dates and times will vary for each testing facility. When you call to register for a CLEP exam, the testing center will be able to give you a schedule of available dates and times. You will have between 90 and 120 minutes to take each exam, so make sure your times work with your plans, so you do not feel rushed. Rushing through any of these exams could result in mistakes and lower scores.

How are CLEP Exams Scored and What is a Passing Score?

CLEP exams consist of multiple-choice questions with five answer choices each. The number of questions will vary dependent on the subject. There are also a few CLEP exams that will have an essay requirement. You will need to check your course to find out the specific requirements for its corresponding CLEP exam. Each exam is scored on a scale from 20 to 80 points. The computer will tally your score as you take the exam, with each correct answer equally one point. The required score to pass is 50. However, you will need to check with your college of choice as some schools have their requirements beyond that of the American Council on Education (ACE), resulting in a slightly higher qualifying score. You will instantly receive your score report at the end of the test, letting you know how you did.

How Many Credits Do I Get for My CLEP Exams?

You will earn between 3 and 12 credits from each CLEP exam, dependent on the course of study. Remember to check with your school to find out how many of those credits will be applied toward your degree requirements. Language courses will afford you the most credits from the CLEP exam list; they will still vary though as to credits granted by your school of choice.

Study With a Guarantee!

The best part about choosing your CLEP exam study guides with us is that they come with a money back guarantee. If after you have completed your study guides and completed all of the CLEP exam preparation, you do not pass your CLEP exams you will receive a refund of what you paid for your study guide. What could be better than a guarantee like that? We are confident that with the information found in these study guides and the extra help provided by our study tools, that you will pass your CLEP exams.

Now that you know what the CLEP exams are and that they can help you achieve your degree goals faster; you are set to start your preparations. Don’t forget to check with your preferred school about their policies and requirements concerning CLEP exams and their acceptance. Use your study guides to prepare yourself, use your practice CLEP exams to test your readiness, schedule your CLEP exam and pass your way into a shorter college career. Making your degree dreams and plans much closer than you have ever imagined.

Who Can Take a CLEP Test?

Anyone can take a CLEP test. If you are in high school, you qualify! And you don’t have to be a traditional student. Many home schooled students take CLEP tests to have college credit before they begin college. There is no age requirement or any college requirement. Are you an adult thinking about going back to school? You can study for a CLEP test and take your time, getting you ready to go back to school with additional college credits under your belt.