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The Spanish CLEP test covers the material that you would learn in the first two to four semesters in college. This is a must for any native Spanish speaker or anyone who has a background in Spanish. This CLEP test involves reading and listening to conversations and short paragraphs in Spanish answering questions about them, and filling in the blanks of paragraphs. This is a unique CLEP test as your score will determine how much credit you will receive. At most schools, 50 is considered a passing score. If you score a 50-62, you will receive 6 credit hours. If you score a 63 or higher, you will receive 12 credit hours.

ISBN: 9781614330288
CLEP Credits: 6-12
CLEP Difficulty: 4
Number of Questions on the CLEP Test: 120

ACE Recommended Passing Score: 50 for 3 credits 66 for 6 credits


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