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The Astronomy DANTES study guide is all about the stars that you’d learn about during an introductory college level course. Astronomy in one way is an easy test as it counts as a science towards most degrees (always check with your counselor).

This test has some memorization but is not that difficult, especially compared with the other science tests available to take.

Our study guides include flashcards and sample test questions to get you ready to pass the test successfully, the first time.

ISBN: 978-1-61433-072-1
DSST Credits: 3
DSST Difficulty: 2

DSST Credit Type: Baccalaureate Program (Lower Division)
Number of Questions on the DANTES / DSST Test: 100

ACE Recommended Passing Score:50

Free Sample DANTES Questions Online

Included in the Astronomy DANTES Study Guide:

  • Introduction to the Science of Astronomy
  • Nature of Science
  • How Scientists Think and Work
  • History of Early Astronomy
  • History of the Telescope
  • Cosmic Forces
  • Motion
  • Gravity
  • Energy
  • Relativity
  • Celestial Systems
  • Earth and the Sky
  • Earth and the Moon
  • Time and the Calendar
  • The Science of Light
  • The Electromagnetic System
  • Measurement and Analysis of Light

  • Planetary Systems: Our Solar System and Others
  • Contents of Our Solar System
  • Planets Outside of Our Solar System
  • Our Galaxy and Other Galaxies: Contents and Structure
  • Our Galaxy: The Milky Way Other Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters
  • Cosmic Distances
  • The Universe: Contents, Structure and Evolution
  • Large-Scale Structure
  • Life in the Universe
  • Extremes of Life on Earth
  • Life in the Solar System
  • Life Beyond the Solar System
  • Sample Test Questions
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • What Your Score Means

Testimonials for Pass Your Class – Astronomy DANTES Study Guide


Pass Your Class Team,
Thank you for the information  in the resource that your study guide provided. I took two test the same day, Health and Human Development then Race to Save the Planet and passed. I will be buying the Ethics in America and taking that next. Your Team saved me a $1000 dollars and 6 month of school. Woohoo!! Best Regards, Frazzldad


Thanks for the book! I passed my DSST! You saved me the cost of the class and the textbooks- so about $1k! THANK YOU! – Letitia S.


I have taken 7 DSST/CLEP exams over the past 12 months and passed all of them with flying colors by using your study guides (Intro to Business, Business Law, Intro to Sociology, Humanities, Intro to World Religion, Business Ethics & Society, Principles of Marketing) -Chris G.


I used your DSST study guides for: Environment and Humanity: Race to Save the Planet and Intro to World Religions. I scored a 60 on both tests. Your products were very informative and useful. I studied 1 week with each study guide. Thanks. -W. Simmons


I too passed this test today with a 60. Out of the 2 DSST (Health and Human Development & Environment and Humanity) and 1 CLEP (Analyzing and Interpreting Literature) that I have taken, I found the Environment and Humanity to be the easiest. I can now graduate with my BSM after today! – Jiko S.


I never have used a study guide before and I was weary about buying and getting scammed but the guide resulted in a excellent tool for passing my science DSST. I will recommend to all my Friends. -Jaime M.


I used two of your guides to pass the two of the three tests [Astronomy and Organizational Behavior] required to complete my B.S. – Luis F.



Alconbury, Altus, Andersen, Andrews, Aviano, Barksdale, Beale, Cannon, Charleston, Columbus, Croughton, Davis Monthan, Dover, Dyess, Edwards, Eglin, Eielson, Ellsworth, Fairchild, Francis E Warren, Goodfellow, Grand Forks, Hanscom, Hickam, Hill, Holloman, Hurlburt, Incirlik, Kadena, Keesler, Kirtland, Kunsan, Lackland, Lakenheath, Langley, Laughlin, Little Rock, Luke, MacDill, Malmstorm, Maxwell-Gunter, McChord, McConnell, McGuire, Menwith Hill, Mildenhall, Minot, Misawa, Moody, Mountain Home, Offutt, Osan, Patrick, Peterson, Ramstein, Randolph, Robins, Scott, Seymour Johnson, Shaw, Sheppard, Spangdahlem, Tinker, Travis, Tyndall, U.S. Airforce Academy, Vance, Vandenburg, Vogelweh, Whiteman, Wright Patterson, Yokota


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