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The A History of the Vietnam War DANTES study guide is the best resource out there for the History of the Vietnam War test. With so many different places, political parties and groups to remember, how do you know exactly what you need to study? We’ll tell you with this condensed guide. The study guide not only includes flashcards but also includes sample test questions to test your understanding of the material.

ISBN: 978-1-61433-075-2

DSST Credits: 3

DSST Credit Type: Baccalaureate Upper Division

DSST Difficulty: 3
Number of Questions on the DANTES / DSST Test: 100

ACE Recommended Passing Score: 400

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Included in the A History of the Vietnam War DANTES Study Guide

  • Vietnam Before 1940
  • Ancient Vietnam: Culture, Chinese Influence and Independence
  • Vietnam in the Age of Exploration and Colonialism
  • Early Nationalism and Communism in Vietnam
  • Vietnam in World War II, the French-Indochina War and the Cold War
  • Ho Chi Minh: World War I-World War II, Communism and Nationalism
  • French-Indochina War
  • The Geneva Conference and American Response:Support for Containment
  • The United States and Ngo Dinh Diem
  • US Support of Ngo Dinh Diem, Containment and the Domino Theory Diem’s Inadequacies
  • Southern Insurgency and US Counter-Insurgency Response
  • Diem Coup
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Americanizes the War
  • Political Instability in South Vietnam
  • Assassination of President John F Kennedy and Johnson’s First Term
  • President Johnson, the Gulf of Tonkin, the 1964 Election and the Beginning of the Conflict
    Operation Rolling Thunder
  • Johnson Ramps-up the War
  • America Takes Charge

  • Continuing Air War
  • Stabilization of South Vietnam
  • America’s Army in Vietnam
  • Search and Destroy: The Battle of Ia Drang Valley
  • Homefront USA
  • The Great Society
  • The Civil Rights Movement
  • Television, the Draft and the Credibility Gap
  • Opposition to the Vietnam War: Intellectuals, Political Agitators and Hippies
  • Tet and Its Aftermath
  • Vietnamese Planning
  • The Tet Offensive
  • Tet: The Aftermath
  • The War at Home
  • The 1968 Elections: A Tense Nation, A Collapsing Democratic Party and the Rise of Nixon
  • President Nixon’s First Term: A Country Filled with Tension
  • American Foreign Policy in the Age of Nixon
    Cambodia and Laos
  • “A Decent Interval”: Nixon’s Second Term Legacies and Lessons
  • Sample Test Questions
  • Test Taking Strategies
  • What Your Score Means

Testimonials for the A History of the Vietnam War DANTES Study Guide


Great product, passed test 1st try! – Robert W.


Hello, I used your materials to pass the following tests. I found them very helpful and especially like the flash cards. It was nice to have one study guide to use rather than a listing of expensive books to choose from.

1. Intro to Business
2. Intro to Computing
3. Drug and Alcohol Abuse
4. Human Resource Management

Thank you, Janell K.


I have taken 7 DSST/CLEP exams over the past 12 months and passed all of them with flying colors by using your study guides (Intro to Business, Business Law, Intro to Sociology, Humanities, Intro to World Religion, Business Ethics & Society, Principles of Marketing) -Chris G.


I just wanted to add to the testimonies on the web site. I took DANTES “Health and Human Development” test on July 20th, and I passed it with a score of 445 (needed 400). I had the study materials for only a week and a half, and they were very concisely written and to the point. They are well done, and I learned a lot in such a short amount of time, so I could pass the test. I would not have been able to start graduate school without it, because I had deficit undergrad credits that I needed to satisfy; this test and your study materials fit the bill nicely! -Jen M.



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