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English Literature CLEP Test Description
The English Literature CLEP test covers all the information that is taught in a semester college course focused on English Literature. This test assumes that you are knowledgeable about various periods of English literature, their authors and any historical significance. You will also need to know literary terms and forms.

This test is offered in two different formats. One format requires the essay portion, the other does not. The essay is still done via paper and pencil so you will not find out your score immediately following the test. You will write two essays, one will be a persuasive analysis of a poem, the second you will have a choice of two topics which will be presented at the test.

If you do not take the essay format, you will have 90 minutes to answer 95 questions. As always, they will include some pretest questions which are not scored and will not effect your grade.

ISBN: 9781614330103
CLEP Credits: 3-6
CLEP Difficulty: 3

ACE Recommended Passing Score: 50
Number of Questions on the CLEP Test: 95 + 2 Essays (at some schools, the essay is optional)

CLEP Practice Questions In Study Guide


Alconbury, Altus, Andersen, Andrews, Aviano, Barksdale, Beale, Cannon, Charleston, Columbus, Croughton, Davis Monthan, Dover, Dyess, Edwards, Eglin, Eielson, Ellsworth, Fairchild, Francis E Warren, Goodfellow, Grand Forks, Hanscom, Hickam, Hill, Holloman, Hurlburt, Incirlik, Kadena, Keesler, Kirtland, Kunsan, Lackland, Lakenheath, Langley, Laughlin, Little Rock, Luke, MacDill, Malmstorm, Maxwell-Gunter, McChord, McConnell, McGuire, Menwith Hill, Mildenhall, Minot, Misawa, Moody, Mountain Home, Offutt, Osan, Patrick, Peterson, Ramstein, Randolph, Robins, Scott, Seymour Johnson, Shaw, Sheppard, Spangdahlem, Tinker, Travis, Tyndall, U.S. Airforce Academy, Vance, Vandenburg, Vogelweh, Whiteman, Wright Patterson, Yokota